My brothers and sisters,

       I'm sure you all agree that time has passed much too quickly.  Suddenly, the glorious season of Christmas and the celebration of the Incarnation of our Lord is over, and Lent is almost upon us.  We have had our Chapter meeting and are moving forward with the year's events and activities.  There is a more detailed report of the Chapter in our current Joy of Francis, the regional newsletter, which is now posted on our website, along with a summary of our most recent regional executive council meetin - - all in an effort to keep you better informed of what is happening in our region.

       I am grateful for all of your prayers and good wishes as I have been recovering from my bout with pneumonia and my husband faces continued cancer treatments.  All is going well, thanks be to God!  He is good! 

       The REC is getting ready for its annual retreat, which includes all of the district liaisons and formators and the JPIC chairman.  It promises to be a very busy week-end, but one which we pray will also be spiritually enriching for us all.  Please pray for all of us. 

       Right on the heels of the REC retreat comes the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, March 14-16, 2014.  We will again have a booth - it's number is 684.  If you are coming to help, just give them the booth number at the door of the Exhibit Hall and they'll let you in.  If you are registered for the Congress, be sure and stop by the booth during a break.  We don't have a corner location this year (that was a last-minute gift last year from the Congress management!), but we will still be very visible and active. 

     We are trying to do a better job keeping our website updated, so please check it from time to time for announcements and information, especially the calendar section.  If you are intending to be at Serra Retreat in May, let me remind you to get your registration in as soon as possible, as it will fill up.  More information on the retreat is in that section of the website. 

                    Your sister and servant,

Rev. 2/26/14
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