Dear Brothers and Sisters:

First of all thank you Sylvia for the many ways in which you have served the Secular Franciscan Order and in particular St. Francis Region where you served first as secretary and seven and a half years as Regional Minister.

The results of the Saturday, 17 January 2015 Chapter of Elections is as follows:

Minister: Judith B. Mussatto, OFS
Vice-Minister: Frank Miller, OFS
Secretary: David Teegarden, OFS
Treasurer: Bob Herbelin, OFS
Anthony Tuan Cao, OFS
Margarita Rodriguez, OFS
Rosa Youm, OFS

The position of formation director is by appointment in St. Francis Region. Given the great emphasis placed on formation in our Order, the first appointment made by your newly elected council was that of Jan DeSpain, OFS to the position of Formation Director. The full list of appointments will appear later.

On behalf of your Regional Executive Council (REC) I thank you for the faith and trust you have placed in us.

Through your prayers, the articulation of your needs and concerns, your council's ability to listen to, acknowledge and respond to those need and concerns and by working together we will be able to server our region according to the will of the Holy Spirit.

Your Sister in Christ

Judith B. Mussatto, OFS
Regional Minister.

Rev. 01/19/15
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