SA/Formator Class

     In St. Francis Region, selected Secular Franciscans are trained to be Spiritual Assistants to the local fraternities due to the lack of 1st Order/TOR friars available to provide hat service.  They are trained in a class known as the SA/F class (Spiritual Assistant/Formator), facilitated by the Regional Spiritual Assistants, and the Minister and Vice-Minister of the Region.  Class No. 4 has concluded.  Potential Spiritual Assistants are beginning an internship program.  Those who complete the internship program will be certified at that time and assigned to fraternities requesting spiritual assistants.  Those completing fomation training will be presented their certificates.

Updated 12/7/15

In 2016 the focus was changed to that of Franciscan Leadership and the first class started in 2017.

Updated 5/30/18.





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